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General Broach is the leader in the design and manufacturing of aerospace tooling. No other broach company in the world can offer the same level of design services and manufacturing capacity.

GBC has earned the prestigious CSMC Supplier Certification from Pratt & Whitney in the manufacturing of "Slotter, Dovetail, Semi-finisher and Finisher Fir Tree" form broaches. We have proven our capability and dedication to the aerospace industry and here's how we've accomplished it.

We've equipped our six design specialists with 3D modeling software to meet the design requirements for the aerospace industry. Our engineers can take your 3D part model and design the tooling to effectively broach it, whether it is a turbine disc or a fan rotor blade.

With our new precision CNC grinding machines we can hold profile tolerances to within .0002. Combine that with employees that have hundreds of years of grinding experience then you can see why you can make General Broach the company to trust with your aerospace project.

After your tools are completed, we can verify the form that the tool will produce by broaching a carbon coupon and checking it on our new J&L Epic 30 Optical Comparator. We can also scan the profile of the coupon on our Leitz PMM.

We have all your expectations and needs covered within our company. So let's get together and tackle the challenges that your customer is demanding.

General Broach is the first perishable tooling manufacturer in the world to earn the
ISO 9001:2000

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